Worried about cutting your own hair? This CBC Windsor reporter got a virtual lesson so you don’t have to

As provinces across the country continue to enforce physical distancing measure to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Canadians are learning the myriad of ways that a lack of access to small and large businesses can affect one’s daily life. 

For many, that includes having to deal with significant hair growth stemming from the fact that hair salons and barbershops are currently closed. 

And while hairstylists across the country continue to recommend leaving haircuts to the professionals, residents all over Canada are taking it upon themselves to learn how to cut their own hair. 

Here in Windsor-Essex, CBC Windsor videojournalist Tahmina Aziz recently met up with hairstylist Brianna Bondy-Fountain over video chat to get some tips for how to handle your clippers for a self-guided trim.

WATCH | Armed with nothing more than a garbage bag and scissors, CBC Windsor reporter Tahmina Aziz learns how to cut her own hair:

CBC Windsor videojournalist Tahmina Aziz spoke with stylist Brianna Bondy-Fountain to learn what to do — and what not to do 3:04

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