Windsor’s Assumption Church hits ‘new milestone’ in interior renovations

Renovations at Windsor’s Assumption Church forge ahead as the first section of the building’s interior gets restored. 

The church closed in 2014 due to safety issues and has been the subject of ongoing renovations. Five years later, it reopened its doors and welcomed back parishioners after a new roof was installed and asbestos was cleaned out. 

Now, officials leading the renovations said in a news release that dozens more renovations have taken place with attic work being completed and more interior work that includes the restoration of deteriorated ceiling and water damaged plaster, new stars on the ceiling and new stencils of decor work to replace the original. 

These are part of the church’s Phase 1A. 

WATCH: Paul Mullins, a lawyer who is leading the restoration, gives an update

The first section of the building’s interior has now been restored. 2:06

The church says that the budget to complete Phase 2A renovations, which includes the east aisle ceiling and wall, is $1.65 million. The church is short $275,000. 

Following this will be Phase 2B and Phase 2C, which include the centre and west aisles, along with the sanctuary. Combined these phases are expected to cost around $3 million. 

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