Windsor police responded to 1,049 property crimes in March 2020

The latest crime statistics released by the Windsor Police Service show property steadily on the rise. 

Police responded to 1,049 instances of property crime in March 2020, an increase of 167 instances in February 2020, as well as an increase of 169 compared to March 2019. 

Of those instances of property crime, the 276 thefts under $5,000 accounted for the largest portion of crime.

Despite the fact that theft under $5,000 was the category with the highest number of reported crime, there were 111 fewer such thefts in March compared to February 2020. 

There were also 34 fewer such thefts in March 2020 compared to March 2019. 

Break-and-enters, as well as attempted break-and-enters, represented the second largest category of property crime recorded by police in March 2020.

Police counted 191 such crimes in March, 57 more than February 2020 and 68 more than March 2019. 

Of those 191 crimes, 68 were to businesses, 61 were to dwellings, 31 were to “other building or places” and one involved a firearm. 

Overall, Windsor police recorded 1,506 criminal code violations in March 2020, 192 more than February 2020 and 144 more than March 2019.

March’s total criminal code violations marked a 14.6 per cent increase compared to February 2020, as well as a 10.57 per cent increase compared to March 2019.

Violent crimes in March 2020 accounted for the largest chunk of criminal code violations, with police responding to 244 incidents of such crimes.

That figure represents an increase of 44 violent crimes compared to February 2020 and an increase of 15 violent crimes compared to March 2019.

Windsor police didn’t respond to any homicides in March 2020, but recorded one attempted murder. 


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