Windsor police board approves policy for service calls made about police chief, deputies

The Windsor Police Services Board approved a new policy Thursday aimed at addressing criminal service calls related to the city’s police chief and deputy chiefs. 

The policy was developed following an Ontario Provincial Police investigation into Windsor police’s handling of a domestic disturbance 911 call involving former police Chief Al Frederick’s house made the morning of Nov. 12, 2018.

As per the board’s new policy, should a call for service pertaining to a criminal allegation be made regarding the police chief or their immediate family, Windsor’s deputy police chiefs are to be immediately notified. 

The deputy chief who responds must then notify the chair of the Windsor Police Services Board, currently Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens. 

Should a call for service be made in relation to a deputy chief or their immediate family members, Windsor’s police chief must be immediately notified. The police chief will then inform the police services board chair. 

Once informed, communication must be established between the police services board chair and the group or organization responsible for investigating the call “to determine the appropriate course of action, following a thorough investigation.”

The board passed the policy with little discussion, following an in-camera, or private, section of the Thursday meeting. 

“[It] basically mimics the actions that were taken in 2018 by leadership at the time,” he said. “This is just to receive it now and make it public.”

The policy was developed largely during in-camera discussions. 

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