Windsor breaks 1950 cold weather record April 22

You could be forgiven if you’re not sure what time of year it is — ice pellets were in the air again Tuesday and Wednesday morning as Windsor set a cold-weather record.

The temperature slumped to -3.5 C, breaking the mark of -2.8 C set in 1950.

Environment Canada meteorologist Peter Kimbell said an arctic air mass is to blame. 

“We’re all waiting for the summer warmth to come, even if we can’t go very far,” he said. “We all want to go outside at least and enjoy the warmth, so yeah. It’s just unfortunate that we’re still stuck in this pattern of colder temperatures.”

For perspective, the number one Billboard Charts song in 1950 was If I Knew You Were Comin’ I’d’ve Baked a Cake performed by Eileen Barton.

The chart topper lasted 15 weeks at number one, hopefully a longer period of time than out current cold spell. 

Kimbell said chilly temperatures will likely linger until at least the end of the month.

“Because it is end of April, the sunshine is as strong as it would be mid-to-end of August, and consequently, the sun is pretty strong and doesn’t take much sun to cause a bit of instability, especially when the air mass is cold, and that’s what we saw with flurries.”

Kimbell said temperatures Wednesday will again be about 10 degrees colder than usual for this time of year.

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