Willow on wheels: Foster dog comes with wheelchair and heart of gold

An animal rescue shelter is trying to find a home for a special puppy with special needs — Willow the dog.

Morgan Deboon, manager of Klassic Kennels located near Red Deer, is Willow’s foster mom. Deboon says the pup came to stay with her when she was just two weeks old.

“She was totally normal. Then she turned about seven weeks old, woke up one day and could not use her back legs at all,” she said.

Despite several visits to vet clinics, no one could figure out what was wrong with her and what could have happened to make her this way.

Willow is a foster puppy available for adoption through Paws and Claws Animal Rescue. (Ash Platt)

“She has regained movement in her back legs, but it’s never going to be totally normal,” Deboon said.

“So we’re basically just trying to find a way to give her the best quality of life for what she’s given and what she’s able to do.”

Because of the poor function in Willow’s back legs, the Canine Fitness Centre in Calgary constructed a wheelchair to help the puppy walk and run.

“Certain vets did tell us … to just put her down and nobody wants a dog like that,” she said.

“We disagree. Her quality of life is still great. She can still eat. She can still go to the bathroom on her own.”

Willow’s foster parent Morgan Deboon said vets don’t know why the dog lost control of her back legs. (Ash Platt)

Willow is now six months old and is happier than ever.

“She’s very high-functioning. We go on walks all the time. She does really well in a wheelchair,” Deboon said.

However Deboon said she is still only Willow’s foster mom. Deboon said she is currently searching for a family that’s able to give Willow the life she deserves.

“She just needs someone who is willing to be patient with her and have kindness toward her because she will give it all right back to you,” she said.

“We haven’t had any interest in her … I guess she’s staying at my house until she finds a home.”

Those interested in adopting Willow can send in an application to Paws and Claws Animal Rescue.

Despite needing a wheelchair to walk and run, Deboon said Willow is a happy, high-functioning dog. (Ash Platt)

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