West Point Lighthouse targeting Islanders this summer

The West Point Lighthouse will be focusing on attracting Islanders this summer as COVID-19 restrictions will limit the amount of tourists it normally sees.

Jimmy Stewart, general manager of the West Point Development Corporation, said as a draw, the lighthouse will be offering discounts on its 13 rooms and will host special parlour talks about local folklore.

He says the inn normally attracts visitors from across Canada and the world. But that’s not likely with the pandemic.

“Considering the likelihood that the interprovincial travel is not going to be allowed for sure before, in our opinion, the end of June and possibly into July, we’ve made a decision that we’re going to offer Prince Edward Islanders the opportunity to come and stay at the West Point Lighthouse Inn and Museum for 99 dollars, upwards to 50 per cent savings, and we want more people from P.E.I. to enjoy our lighthouse.”

Stewart said he expects to see an advertising campaign focusing on encouraging Islanders to explore and enjoy a stay in the western part of the Island.

“If we can get them to come and see this part of Prince Edward Island, they’ll fall in love with like we do.”

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