‘Welcome to Windsor’ parody rap draws online attention from locals

Hundreds of people are buzzing online about a new parody rap called Welcome to Windsor in which Toronto-based entertainer Mucho Habimana — better known as Mucho TV — lightly pokes fun at the city.

Windsor, Ont. is the latest target of a series of cities Habimana has written about within the last three years.

“It started in the GTA, made one about Mississauga and Brampton, and then it’s branched out since. And I just take requests,” he said. “Windsor came up, you know, I had a lot of requests for it, so I had to do it.”

While Habimana is based in Toronto, he said one of his best friends attended the University of Windsor and spoke highly of the city. His friend ended up helping him with some of the references in the song.

He said he also got help from a few friends online and learned more about the city by listening to some episodes of the podcast Straight Outta Windsor. It took him about a month to make the rap.

Mucho Habimana — better known as Mucho TV — is an entertainer based in Toronto. He wrote a light-hearted parody about Windsor that’s been receiving attention online. (Tahmina Aziz/CBC)

Positive feedback

Habimana said he’s pleasantly surprised by the long-lasting positive reception he’s received for the rap.

Thousands have watched it online and hundreds have commented. Many praised it for its accuracy.

“They’re not used to being talked about,” he explained. “If you do it right, even if you’re poking fun at them, they’ll love it.”

“I want to thank everybody from Windsor for sharing it, you know, because it’s still going crazy as of today. And usually Internet things die pretty fast, but the response has been amazing. So thank you to Windsor for messing with it.”

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