TV frequency change leaves some Windsorites without favourite channels

The phone has been ringing steadily at Kevin Swarts’ Disc N’ Dat Audio and Video shop for about a month.

That’s when some Detroit television stations made a change in frequencies to accommodate more digital channels.

“I get about 12 calls a week,” said Swarts, adding that many people have old antennas that need replacing.

Swarts said people who rely on off-air signals noticed that Channel 2 and Channel 4 in particular didn’t come back once the television owners reprogrammed their sets for the new frequencies.

Kevin Swarts displays a new digital television antenna. He has been installing these at homes to get Detroit channels. (Dale Molnar/CBC)

“In a lot of cases, we need to adjust their antenna and possibly add an amplifier to their system,” said Swarts.

He said some people have more of a problem than others, depending on which part of the city they live in.

“So if you’re in downtown Windsor or near the bridge, you’re going to get some reflections from that and will cause some grief for getting particular channels,” he said.

Leda Law lives in South Windsor. Swarts installed two amplifiers, but she’s still having some issues.

“I can’t get 32 now. It goes into Channel 4. So I don’t know what’s happening there,” said Law.

Swarts said he’s helping out elderly people who also might not know how to reprogram their television, but he says he’s putting off much of the work due to safety concerns entering homes considering the COVID-19 pandemic. Twenty people are currently on a waiting list.

He added that frequency grief might not be over either.

“There may be more changes down the road yet. And maybe more channels,” said Swarts.

The changes have not affected cable signals.

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