These neighbours sing O Canada each week to honour front-line workers

A new tradition has started on the 2500 block of Olive Street in east Windsor.

Every Wednesday, a group of neighbours come out to the end of their driveways to sing the national anthem 

They’re doing it to support front-line workers.

“All my friends are nurses and they’re really close to me and a lot of them are even working in Detroit, I’m just worried about them to be honest though,” said Cain Walker-Donais who joined the chorus Wednesday night. 

“I thought what they were doing — holding this little event for the neighbourhood, and I wanted to come support and kind of give my energy to my friends working in the hospitals.”

“We’re going to cut an album,” joked one neighbour after the moment of silence and before the chorus broke out. 

WATCH| Olive Street neighbours sing O Canada:

These Olive Street neighbours have a new Wednesday night tradition. 1:09

Although they might not sound like professionals, the rally of support is much needed by the workers they are honouring. 

There are 525 cases of COVID-19 in Windsor-Essex and more than 150 of those individuals are health-care workers. 

One of the people the weekly anthem is meant to honour is Lepa Kalaver, who lives on the street and works as a nurse at a Detroit hospital.

“They’re offering their help since I have to be quarantined in between my shifts. They’re offering me to go for grocery and to do anything,” she said. 

The group also held a moment of silence Wednesday night, to honour the people killed in Nova Scotia in a mass shooting that took place on the weekend. 

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