The spring snaps continue! See our latest audience photo gallery

Just a stunning flower! Algerian Iris. (Submitted by Andrew Collins)

We welcome your photos. See our instructions below on how to submit. Please remember to follow physical distancing rules and other orders made because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Enjoy this week’s gallery!

Such a sweet photo from Kim Ploughman. Taken over the weekend in Torbay. (Submitted by Kim Ploughman)

A fine day for a row at Little Bay Islands. (Submitted by Michael Parsons)

This orchid in Stephen Jessome’s home is stunning. A treat for the senses! (Submitted by Stephen Jessome)

Such a calm and lovely evening in Burgeo. (Submitted by Julie Baggs)

A terrific shot from Eugene Howell of the Western Bay boardwalk. Quite a lot of snow has disappeared! (Submitted by Eugene Howell)

A striking sky in Fermeuse. (Submitted by Mary O’Neill)

A grand view to the north from the Ferryland ‘Gaze.’ (Submitted by Janny VanHouwelingen)

North West River on a perfectly calm evening. (Submitted by Justin Delaney)

Lorraine and Norman Brown snapped this photo while out for a walk in Whiteway. They wrote: ‘Fresh air and beautiful scenery help brighten the darkest of days. Stay safe everyone.’ (Submitted by Lorraine and Norman Brown)

There may be snow still on the ground, but that sky is magical on a spring day! (Submitted by Laurie Rowlands and Don Alexander)

How to send us a photo  

Here’s how to get in touch with us: email [email protected]. It’s a dedicated address just for photo submissions.

Here’s what we need from you: your name, where the photo was taken, and a caption that tells us what’s in the image. We encourage you to add any information you think our readers would enjoy!

We share photos we receive here, and we might also use them on Here & Now each weeknight during Ashley Brauweiler’s weather segments, as well as on our Facebook page, our Twitter feed and on our Instagram account. And we always give credit. 

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