STC chief says Saskatoon delivery program ‘making a difference in people’s lives’

A delivery service operating in Saskatoon is battling food security by delivering two fresh meals, five days a week, to hundreds of homes throughout the city.

The initiative is a partnership of several community organizations and members — private, public and anonymous — to keep families in need indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Partners include:

Saskatoon Wildlife Federation

Saskatoon Community Action Alliance

Saskatoon Paramedic Association

Saskatoon Public Schools

Saskatoon Co-op

Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

DCG Philantropic Services

“Whatever the donation is, we’re going to go through our database and saying ‘you know, this family needs this’ and unfortunately we may not be able to hit every family with that type of donation,” said Mark Arcand, chief of the Saskatoon Tribal Council. 

The STC is one of the organizations involved in the delivery service, which is transporting meals from four locations throughout Saskatoon. The program plans to run until the end of June but could be extended, if the support continues.

Arcand said the Saskatoon Tribal Council has been using its own money to fund the program at times.

Demand is so high that it’s anticipated the deliveries will be made to 500 homes by next week, Arcand said. It’s not just food either. They’ll take hygiene products, personal protective equipment or even some toys to keep children entertained.

Donations include groceries from Saskatoon Co-op, in-kind donations like meal preparation services and the use of locations like the kitchen at the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation.

Arcand said if any organization wants to get in on helping get necessities should email him or call him at 306-956-6100.

He added the goal of the initiative is to keep people safe and at home — especially in Saskatoon, which has accounted for 150 of the province’s 326 cases.

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