Six Nations confirms 2 new cases of COVID-19

Six Nations of the Grand River confirmed two new cases of COVID-19 on its territory, bringing the confirmed number of infected people to 11.

“The curve was flattening and now we are having what we all hope is a very small blip,” Lori Davis Hill, director of Six Nations health services said in a release on Thursday evening.

“But the height of that blip will be decided by our actions in the coming days.”

She also said there could be more infected people than what has already been confirmed.

“That number only comes from the 282 community members who have been tested,” Davis Hill said.

“We need the community to understand that anyone who is experiencing symptoms should be tested, so that an accurate picture of COVID-19 can be uncovered, understood and investigated.”

This comes after a large house party defied physical distancing regulations and raised concerns about COVID-19 exposure earlier this week.

The virus has killed one person in Six Nations territory.

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