Saskatoon city manager hints at 2020 deficit, says details to come Friday afternoon

Saskatoon city manager Jeff Jorgenson says details will be publicly released Friday afternoon about the COVID-19 pandemic’s financial impacts on the City of Saskatoon, including a potential deficit. 

“It’s quite a comprehensive report package,” Jorgenson said during a pandemic-themed news conference over the noon hour. “It will suggest a balanced strategy to deal with that 2020 deficit.

“There will be a balance of maintaining the current services provided by the city, utilization of our reserves and also working with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities on working with the federal government for a support package.”

No other details were provided during the news conference. 

Jorgenson said the report will be posted on the city’s website later on Friday. 

He added that the city had hoped to release the report earlier but that the timing of the Saskatchewan government’s “reopen” plan forced the city to rework parts of its report.

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