Regina envisioned as ‘Canada’s most vibrant city’: report

Regina is planning for a 300,000 person future. 

Economic Development Regina’s (EDR) growth plan was out before a city committee meeting on Wednesday to update the Priorities and Planning Committee on what impacts the plan will have for the city. The plan was first approved by EDR’s board back in March.

The city manager’s office emphasized that COVID-19 will have a sizeable impact on the upcoming implementation. 

Here are a couple key points in the plan.

Food Hub

Regina is anticipating a population of 300,000 by 2030. With that, the EDR’s plan puts an emphasis on being a competitor with “one of the most diversified economies in Canada.”

One thing that’s mentioned in the plan is marketing Regina as a food hub for the country and the world. 

The plan said the already-established agriculture industry, coupled with more investment into entrepreneurship and technology will lead to diversification.

“Surrounded by some of the world’s most productive farmland and skilled producers in the world, the city will drive innovation across the supply chain,” part of the plan reads. 

“We will build on our transportation and trade infrastructure to expand agriculture, manufacturing and technologies related to food.”

‘Canada’s most vibrant city’

Another facet of the EDR’s plan is to become a “year-long festival and event city that is known as the best host for events, conventions and trade shows in Canada.”

By establishing an event fund and winter strategy for Regina, the EDR said it hoped to be “Canada’s most vibrant city” by 2030.

One area the EDR said it wants to work on in the coming decade is tourism. 

“Tourism Saskatchewan’s Destination Development Strategy notes that if the province were to grow its visitation and expenditures by 3% per annum through to 2030, it would mean an almost 50% increase in real expenditures and jobs,” part of the plan reads.

There was no firm timeline on when the implementation plan will be done. 

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