Quarantine diaries: Turning dad into a TikTok dance star

CBC Montreal wants to know how you are living these days. What are you doing differently? Have you learned, realized or observed anything?

Three sisters from Trois-Rivières, Que., Nellie Guimond, Alexa Haley and Lily-Jade Haley, have gone all out creating daily videos on a TikTok social media account.

The videos feature the girls, who have all been dancing since they were young, their mother, Cindy Guimond, and their dad, Éric Haley — who they are teaching to dance.

Here is their story, as told to CBC’s Quebec AM.

This interview has been edited and condensed — hear the whole story by clicking here.

Nellie: [Our dad is] a hockey coach, so mostly people see him as someone being serious. But with us, we know he has a goofy side. Showing this to the world, to our family and friends, was really entertaining for everyone, and everyone loved it. I think that’s the main reason for our little popularity … his goofy side that people didn’t think he would, or could, show.

Alexa: In the afternoon, we usually get together and try and pick the song, and then we start to do the dance. When our parents come back from work at around 5 p.m., that’s when we start to show them the moves. We usually dance for about two hours before getting it.

I really liked the song we did for my sister’s [Lily-Jade’s] birthday, In Da Club by 50 Cent, because I know that it’s a hard time for her, having her birthday during this quarantine. We did this one for her, to honour her and to make her feel a little bit more happy.

Lily-Jade: Usually, my dad is the [centre of attention]. But then, it was me. I felt really special. Sometimes we laugh about our dad, because he doesn’t get the moves right away. We’re really happy about doing this. It keeps our family together.

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