Proposed power line shouldn’t go through residential area, Lakeshore mayor says

Hydro One is in the process of planning for a new high-voltage power line that will connect a transmission station just outside Chatham with one being built just outside of Comber.

But the proposed route would take it across Highway 77 between Comber and Hwy. 401.

Mayor Tom Bain said that section is too close to a populated area.

“You’re looking at a lot of interference for TVs and computers and you’re going to get objections to the unsightly mess,” said Bain, who supports the construction of the line because it is being built to meet the needs of the growing greenhouse industry and development in general.

Hydro One chose the line out of eight options because it best met a number of criteria that took into account the natural and socio-economic environments, technical considerations and cost and consultation with a number of stakeholders such as Indigenous groups. It will increase the power to the entire region by 400 megawatts.

But Comber resident Jodi Langley wants to know more.

 “I don’t feel like we’re very informed about what’s going on in our community for the power. I want to know what it’s going to do for us or how it’s going to affect what’s going on around here,” said Langley.

But Hydro One’s vice-president of stakeholder relations Daniel Levitan says there’s still a lot of work to do to determine the exact pathway.

“We will be circling back with Mayor Bain and the County of Essex and local mayors, councils and certainly local businesses to now take a look at the specific path and ensure that it’s safe and impacts the local environment, local businesses as minimally as possible,” said Levitan.

Hydro One will hold an online information session on March 11.

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