Police warn of sextortion after Huron County man sends nudes on dating app

Provincial police are warning people to think twice before they send nude photos of themselves to people they meet on dating apps after someone demanded $8,000 from a Huron County man looking for a love connection. 

The 20-year-old man met someone he was interested in getting to know on a popular dating app, OPP said. 

When he sent a nude photo of himself to the person, he was threatened. 

“Once the photo was received the scammer contacted the victim and threatened him that his photo would be sent to all of his work colleagues, friends and family if he didn’t pay up,” police said. 

The scammer was able to gain access to some of his work colleagues through a social media site and the photo was sent to some of his colleagues.

The victim sent $8,000 worth of e-transfers over a five-month period to the scammer. 

OPP investigators believe the money was sent to an account in Asia. 

Scammers use fake social media profiles on social media and dating websites to lure people into a relationship, then threaten to share sexually explicit photos or videos with family and friends unless they get money, a form of “sextortion.” 

“There is always a risk in sharing any personal or sexually explicit images over the internet,” OPP said in a statement. “Think twice before you send or post anything. Before you hit “send” remember that you cannot control where this image or video may travel.”

“If someone starts demanding payment and threatening you regarding photos or videos, never pay the money, block them from all social media, screen shot messages they have sent you and immediately contact police.”

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