Point Pelee National Park may be closed but bird enthusiasts can still get their fill online

Point Pelee National Park wants to keep the chatter about birds alive, even while it is closed to the public — so it’s offering up some virtual offerings and people are fluttering to the sessions to get their fill of fowls.

“We’ve been seeing all sorts of people posting about Orioles all over the place so it’s getting people connecting and excited about something that’s going on,” Sarah Rupert, a promotion officer at the park as well as the resident bird expert, said. 

Normally, it would be offering up educational sessions called Lunch and Learns during the Festival of Birds, which would be taking place now, but it was cancelled because of COVID-19. Its Birding 101 session attracted a flock of bird enthusiasts this weekend, ready to learn and talk about our feathered friends. Even if they can’t make it out to the park to see them, they can find similar interests in their own backyards, Rupert said.

“Birds are migrating throughout the province. So, even if you’re at opposite ends of the province, you’re still connected by that migration that’s happening.”

More sessions to take flight

While the session that happened on Saturday has attracted nearly 3,500 views — the comment section was active too, with loads of people chiming in when Rupert asked for people to guess the mystery bird. 

“If we’re able to bring a little bit of joy and happiness or intrigue or whatever it is, through the posts that we’re doing, then we’re happy to be able to be doing that,” she said. 

“People are definitely enjoying it.”

The park has done three of the Lunch and Learns so far and has five more scheduled through the middle part of May. 

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