Pelee Island council asking for extended schedule for Pelee Islander II

The Township of Pelee Island is sending a letter to the Ministry of Transportation asking it to extend the sailing hours of the Pelee Islander II and allow passengers.

“We’re not going against any of the officials. We’re just asking just to have more capacity on the ferry,” said Mayor Ray Durocher.

The new ferry only runs three times a week and only carries commercial traffic. The capacity is only nine vehicles and 12 people due to COVID-19 restrictions.The township wants it to run seven days a week. Durocher – who couldn’t get to the island for Monday’s council meeting – says the other ferry – the Pelee Islander – is also limited to a three days a week schedule as well. It is the only ferry carrying island residents and because the marina is closed it can’t accommodate all the anticipated demand by cottagers coming to the island.

“There’s necessities – like Doug Ford had to check the water on his cottage. The people that have a value investment on the island and have to look after so whether deemed essential. Most of the time I think yes it is deemed essential for saving your property,” said Durocher.

The township wants the Pelee Islander II schedule extended to seven days a week because that is what the province is allowing for the MS Chi-Cheemaun which runs between Tobermory and Manitoulin Island.

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