Parkway Sessions: Get comfy and enjoy our latest special in full

Our fifth special collection of the Parkway Sessions is here … so get a cup (or glass) of something nice to drink and sit back for the show. 

In this instalment, we’re delighted to bring you performances from some of the best musical talent in Newfoundland and Labrador right now. 

The range of styles is something else: pop, jazz, traditional, classical, folk — and there are some hybrids in the mix, too. 

Enjoy performances from Rum Ragged, Mike Herriott and Ofra Harnoy, Rea, the Florian Hoefner Trio and Flower Hill.

The Parkway Sessions was recorded live at Studio F here at CBNT in St. John’s — right off the Prince Philip Parkway! 

By the way, in case you’re wondering, all of the performances were recorded before the pandemic crashed upon us. 

Meanwhile, over the weeks to come, look for select videos from these performers, every other Monday. You can see more on our YouTube channel

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