Officers used stun guns 4 times to arrest man swinging rebar: Regina police

Police in Regina have arrested a man who they say swung a piece of rebar at them multiple times and smashed several windows.

Officers had to use their stun guns on the man four times in order to subdue him on Friday morning, according to a news release from the Regina Police Service on Saturday.

They were called to Lorne Street and 11th Avenue with reports of a man smashing windows with a long piece of rebar, the release said.

When they arrived, they “verbally challenged” the man, who dropped the rebar. But the 31-year-old man picked the piece of rebar up again and swung at the officers, police allege.

Police used a stun gun on the man, but he kept swinging, police say, hitting an officer’s vehicle and breaking the windshield. Police again used a stun gun.

They say the man then dropped the rebar, entered the police vehicle and tried to put it in gear. Officers used a stun gun a third time with “limited effectiveness,” the release said.

A struggle followed with the man, who was removed from the vehicle before police used their stun gun a fourth time, after which officers were able to handcuff the man. 

Paramedics were called to examine the man, who police said sustained minor physical injuries during the altercation.

He faces 14 charges related to mischief, as well as charges related to the attempted theft of a motor vehicle and assault of a peace officer.

He will appear in court on May 11.

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