No tickets to be given out during street sweeping in Regina this month

The City of Regina is about to start street sweeping, but people who don’t move out of the way won’t be ticketed this month.

The city announced street sweeping will start on Sunday with medians, downtown streets, and main arterial roads such as Albert Street and Lewvan Drive.

Residential and subdivision sweeping will start in May.

“No parking” signs will be placed around streets to let people know when the sweeping is happening, but the city says it will not enforce ticketing or towing during the first phase of the cleanup in April.

The city said in a release that it simply wants people to be aware when their streets are being swept, and asks that they park elsewhere or share driveways with neighbours. 

Street sweeping is an essential service, the city says, because it removes sand and gravel left from winter ice control measures, increases safety, and removes garbage and other items that can block sewer drains. 

The city said sweeping will happen seven days a week. 

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