Newly-elected chief of the Selkirk First Nation aims to bring housing, jobs to citizens

Darin Isaac washed dishes on Wednesday night to calm his nerves waiting for the Selkirk First Nation election results in Yukon. 

Isaac was elected on Wednesday as the new chief of the First Nation. This is not Isaac’s first time as chief. He held the position for two terms from 2005 to 2011. He has also served as a councillor for three terms. 

“It feels great. I have a lot of things I want to do with our community, with our organization and with Selkirk,” he said. 

Isaac ran for chief in the last three elections. He says he thinks people connected with his message of creating housing and infrastructure in Pelly Crossing. 

“My focus is paving the way for our future generations and also for our citizens, whether it’s education or creating careers and creating jobs for our people,” he said. 

“I have to give credit to the current chief and council because they did a lot of planning and it’s going to make my job easier in the next three years.”

My focus is paving the way for our future generations.– Darin Isaac, newly-elected chief, Selkirk First Nation

Isaac says COVID-19 is hindering communications from Selkirk First Nation.

“We like to gather and meet with our people, but now we have to do everything through teleconferences and videoconferencing. But I need to get to our people at some point,” he said. 

He says he wants to hear from citizens, including elders and youth, about how the government is run. 

“It’s going to make the job difficult for the next while,” he said.

The COVID-19 pandemic could have an impact on the swearing in ceremony of the new chief and council. 

Isaac says he’s not sure if the swearing in, which is scheduled for May 11, will happen in person or by teleconference.

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