New case of COVID-19 at A. B. Lucas Secondary School

One positive case of COVID-19 has been identified at A. B. Lucas Secondary School, according to officials of the Thames Valley District School Board.

The school will remain open and buses will continue to operate, the board said in a statement issued Thursday evening.

The Middlesex-London Health Unit is currently investigating the case and is in the process of identifying the individual’s close contacts to follow up with specific testing advice, the statement added.

“If you are not contacted by the health unit, your child is not considered to be at risk,” said the school board.

On Thursday afternoon, local health officials reported another positive case of COVID-19 at West Nissouri Public School in Thorndale, Ont. It resulted in the closure of one classroom.

It was among 16 new cases reported by the Middllesex-London Health Unit. Thirteeen of those affect people living in London, while the three others are residents of Middlesex Centre.

Among the new cases, only one person has required hospital treatment. The other 15 are recovering at home.


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