Kitchener girl donates university savings to family of slain RCMP officer

A 12-year-old Kitchener girl who has dreamed of taking computer science at Harvard University in Boston is donating the money she has saved and giving it to the family of RCMP officer Heidi Stephenson.

Ava Parry had $82.00 Canadian and $6.00 in American funds in her homemade “Harvard box.”

“It feels good because we can’t really do anything right now, play with friends or go to the park,” Ava told CBC Morning Live.

“So if everyone’s bored and at home and then they feel good because I did something, it feels good.”

Ava said she decided to make the donation after her parents told her and her siblings about last weekend’s shooting in Nova Scotia.

Stevenson, a mother of two and veteran of the police force, was among the 22 victims.

Her mother, Cherri Greeno, is originally from Nova Scotia and works for the Waterloo Regional Police Service as a communications manager. Greeno says Ava has raised money for other charitable causes in the past.

“This one seems to have resonated with people,” said Greeno.

“From all the comments we received, I just think people are saying that they need a reason to smile maybe at a time when that might not be so easy to do.”

Ava’s parents matched the donation she made and say other people across the country were also doing the same.

Ava Perry of Kitchener, Ont., is donating the money she was saving to go to university to the family of RCMP Const. Heidi Stevenson, the officer killed in the Nova Scotia shooting rampage. 7:51

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