Guelph police look for driver who fled a school zone to avoid ticket

Guelph police are looking for the driver of a red Dodge Ram truck who fled the scene of a school zone to avoid a ticket.

Police say the truck was first spotted by an officer on Monday morning around 8:25 a.m in the area of Imperial Road S. and Paisley Road in Guelph in a no parking and stopping area in a school zone.

On Tuesday at the same time and the same location, an officer noticed the same vehicle.

An officer approached the driver to inform them they would receive a ticket. But the man replied, “No, I won’t be” and started reversing his truck toward a crosswalk where young children were, police said.

The man left the scene but returned a few minutes later and parked in the same location.

The driver sped off before the officer could pull the vehicle over.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Guelph police or Crime Stoppers.

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