Final arguments heard in trial of man accused in Dieppe strip club shooting

Final arguments heard in trial of man accused in Dieppe strip club shooting

The C​​rown and the defence have presented their final arguments in the trial of a man charged in connection with a shooting outside a Dieppe strip club last October.

Olivier Tumba, 25, is accused of attempted murder in the shooting of Alain Simplice Bweso and aggravated assault against Joey Goguen.

The shooting occurred in the parking lot outside Angie’s Show Palace on Champlain Street in Dieppe on Oct. 9, 2019, just after 2 a.m.

Crown prosecutor Sylvie Godin Blanchard went over the testimony of the witnesses in her final argument.

She said RCMP Const. Karine Denis-Godin’s testimony pointed out the gravity of the injuries and how much Alain Bweso was bleeding.

On Tuesday, Denis-Godin testified that Bweso had three gunshot wounds to the centre of his chest, and that after applying pressure there was so much blood, it soaked through the leather gloves she was wearing.

Police remove yellow tape surrounding Angie’s Show Palace following a shooting incident on October 9, 2019, in Dieppe. (Michèle Brideau/Radio-Canada)

She said Bweso also had a wound on his left side, right wrist and on his calf.

Godin Blanchard said the victim was in surgery for over 13 hours.

The court also heard Joey Goguen was shot once, in the leg.

Godin Blanchard said witness Caleb Kitchen placed Olivier Tumba at Angie’s just before the shooting happened.

The Crown says surveillance video is crucial because it shows the face of the shooter.

Godin Blanchard said there was also intent to commit the crime, because the shooting happened at close range and several shots were fired.

She argued the Crown has proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

But defence lawyer Robert Rideout disagrees.

He doesn’t dispute the fact that the shooting occurred at Angie’s Show Palace on Oct. 9, or that it was captured on video.

Officers carry a gun in a plastic bag outside Angie’s several hours after the shooting occured. (Pierre Fournier/CBC)

But Rideout questioned the clarity and reliability of that video. He says it’s black and white, with no audio, and there are issues with the lighting and a glare. Rideout says the shooter’s face is only visible for a couple of seconds.

Rideout argued that identifying someone from video can be faulty.

He also said there is no other supporting evidence that ties Tumba to the case.

RIdeout said no one at the scene identified Tumba as the shooter, no one saw him with a weapon. There was also no DNA evidence or fingerprints.

He added that police searched Tumba’s house and car and were unable to find any evidence. Besides that, Rideout argued there is no motive.

Rideout told the court that given the totality of the evidence, there is reasonable doubt and his client should be found not guilty.

Judge Jacques Desjardins said he will take time to go over the evidence, and will hand down a decision on May 6.

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