Eyebrow-shaving couple takes on another isolation trend: at-home haircuts

A B.C. couple who shaved their eyebrows off in the spirit of forcing themselves to stay at home has tackled another isolation challenge — home haircuts. 

“I remember our elders bugging me when I was a kid, and hearing elders talk about putting a bowl on your head and shaving around it,” said Justin Young.

“I kind of thought that might be funny.”

So his fiancée, Justine Manuel, offered him the choice of three styles: bowl one, bowl two, or bowl three.

“I just laughed because I was like ‘oh my god, I can’t believe that happened,” Justine Manuel told Radio West host Sarah Penton. 

During COVID-19 restrictions, barber shops and salons have been closed for more than a month in B.C., forcing many — including provincial health officer Bonnie Henry — to tackle their own hair at home.

Manuel and Young posted their bowl cut video to Facebook, after receiving hundreds of thousands of views on a previous video shaving off their eyebrows to make themselves stay home.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this haircut?” Manuel asks Young in the video.

After a nod, Manuel proceeded to cut his hair. 

“When I did the first clip it was just like, oh my gosh that’s really short,” Manuel said. 

“It turned out great. Better than we thought. Now it’s kind of grown out, so now his haircut looks really great on him.”

As of April 26, the video had almost 5,000 views on Facebook. 

In addition to eyebrow shaving and haircutting, the pair have been doing drive-by parades for the students Young works with at Four Directions Secondary School in Kamloops. 

“The other day we started at about one o’clock and we just woke up one [student],” Young said. “He came outside rubbing his eyes with his mum standing with them and he said ‘Oh my God you guys are crazy.'”

“They’re really good kids.”

And, to add to all the excitement they’ve been creating for themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic, the pair got engaged. 

“I am so blessed to be with Justine, to be able to walk with such a sacred woman,” Young said. 

“We do have so much fun and I really love the things that we do.”

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