Essential worker registry set up in Windsor to link employees with jobs

A new tool is launching in Windsor to link up essential workers with businesses that desperately need them. 

Workforce WindsorEssex is launching the Essential Worker Registry, an online tool for under-employed and unemployed people in the region. The program is funded by the City of Windsor.

Those looking for jobs in essential services like grocery stores, manufacturing plants, or transportation services can submit their resume on the portal where employers can search and find the right people to fill their positions. 

Mayor Drew Dilkens said more than 400 jobs are available right now.

Justin Falconer, CEO of Workforce WindsorEssex said having a centralized worker registry allows for a real time understanding of how many jobs are in need, and gives service providers resumes to help fill those roles.

The City of Windsor’s Employment & Social Services Department outlined these essential service positions the department is currently recruiting for. (City of Windsor Employment & Social Services Department)

Windsor had the highest jobless rate out of any city in Canada in March, according to Statistics Canada figures.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected jobs right across the country, but Windsor saw a decline in jobs before the pandemic had started. 

Our city’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 10.5 per cent, up from 8.3 per cent in February.

A look at some of the employers looking to hire, according to Windsor’s Employment & Social Services Department. (City of Windsor Employment & Social Services Department)

Windsor’s Employment & Social Services Department reported they have assisted with 99 direct hires since March 9, and that 56 of those positions were for essential services.  

The department’s executive director, Andrew Daher, said they can help offset training costs with employers, and even help workers if they need specific clothing or shoes to work these jobs.

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