E-learning in Ontario: Follow this family as they adjust to school at home (Day 7)

Families all over Ontario are figuring out how to support their school-age kids as they learn from home during COVID-19.

For the past week we’ve been following Carin Lowerison and Matt White’s family, as they try to help their three daughters with their home-based education.

The couple has three girls: Berkeley, 11, Heidrun, 9, and Clementine, 5. Up until March Break, the girls spent their days at Sheppard Public School, in downtown Kitchener.

Then the pandemic closed the schools. Ever since, Berkeley, Heidrun and Clementine have been doing their lessons at the kitchen table, in the attic — wherever they can find a quiet place to study. 

But never far away is the reality that they can’t see their friends and they can’t really play outside like they used to. That creates stress and anxiety that kids are only so equipped to deal with. 

Especially empathic ones, like Heidrun, who are prone to worry. 

We get an update from Kitchener’s Carin Lowerison and Matt White as they try to help their three girls learn from home as schools stay closed for COVID-19. Today they talk about helping their middle child deal with her anxiety, and the supports being offered through the school district. 2:36

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