E-learning in Ontario: Follow this family as they adjust to school at home (Day 4)

As at-home learning becomes more formalized in Ontario during COVID-19, many parents are realizing it’s harder than they expected.

The daily assignments from teachers are taking longer than anyone hoped; what was supposed to be a simple hour-long self-directed activity takes much longer. That’s on top of the regular parenting, work, feeding everyone and keeping the house clean.

So if, at the start of this new week, you’re hoping to get a better handle on learning from home, Carin Lowerison and Matt White can sympathize. 

The couple lives in Kitchener with their three daughters: Clementine, 5, is in senior kindergarten, Heidrun, 9, is in Grade 4, and their Berkeley, 11, is in Grade 6. 

Here’s the whole family’s take on how week one went, and what a fresh start will look like for week two. 

If you’re feeling home-based is hard, you’re not alone. Daily assignments from teachers may be taking longer than you’d hoped — an assignment that was only supposed to be an hour, morphs into three. Kitchener couple Carin Lowerison and Matt White are among many people in Ontario juggling the roles of parent, worker and now teacher amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s their take on how this week will hopefully go smoother than the last. 4:39

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