Drive-thru Halloween event to take place in Cornwall, P.E.I.

The town of Cornwall, P.E.I. has come up with a new way to get people involved in Halloween this year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We don’t really have a title for it,” said Kim Meunier, the manager of parks and recreation for the town. 

“We’re just calling it a Drive Through Halloween Scenes.”

On Oct. 30 from 6 to 7:30 p.m., families can drive their cars down the Main Street entrance of the Terry Fox Sports Complex for some family-friendly Halloween scenes like pumpkins and ghosts, Meunier said.

Spookier route

She said although people must remain in their cars, everyone is still encouraged to dress up. 

‘In the past we’ve done other variations of Halloween events,’ says Kim Meunier. ‘With COVID we just tried to look at some different options.’ (Tom Steepe/CBC)

And for those looking for something a little scarier, another route will be available. But Meunier isn’t giving any clues as to what that will feature. 

“Who knows what they might experience if they choose to go the other option,” she said. 

People are being asked to submit decorated pumpkins for a four-category competition.  

“They’ll kind of line the path and people will be asked to judge their favourites as they drive through.”

‘We’re pretty excited’

Meunier said they have also reached out to businesses and organizations to see if they are interested in setting up their own scenes along the path. Treats will also be available at the end “until they run out of course.” 

By having this type of community event we’re still holding an event.— Kim Meunier, parks and recreation

“We’re pretty excited about doing something,” said Meunier. “We just didn’t know what we were going to be able to do this year with the COVID.

“At least this way, we figured still something for people to do, for families to do, and still keep us in the [Chief Public Health Office] guidelines.”

Meunier said this event is not to take the place of trick-or-treating, which will still happen Oct. 31.  

But, in a time when Islanders are wearing masks for protection rather than fun, she said this is a way to normalize things and bring people together. 

“By having this type of community event we’re still holding an event,” she said.

“It just looks different than what we might have done in previous years.”

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