Court hears graphic details of alleged sexual assault involving WRPS officer

The alleged victim in a sexual assault case involving a Waterloo regional police officer says the violence she endured is burned into her brain more than a decade later.  

The woman, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, described the alleged assault in a Toronto courtroom Monday during the first day of trial for Sgt. Caleb Roy.

Roy has been charged with one count of sexual assault, which dates back to October of 2010. He is pleading not guilty.

In the woman’s recollection of the night’s events, she said that Roy picked her up on an evening in October 2010. She said she had expected a third person to be with them, and was surprised when he showed up alone.

The woman said Roy drove the two of them to Toronto for what she had thought would be a night of dancing at a club in a group. Instead, she said he took her to a friend’s place, and the three of them spent the night drinking beer in his apartment.

‘The quickness, the violence’

When the night came to an end, the woman said Roy told her he couldn’t drive them home because he’d had too much to drink. She testified she tried to sleep on the couch, but that he pulled her into the bedroom. She told the court he ripped off her underwear and forcefully penetrated her. 

The woman said she tried to resist but he didn’t listen.

“The quickness, the violence, the abruptness of it, the complete and utter not wanting any of it from me and the total opposite from him,” she said, when asked by the Crown what she remembers most about the incident.

The woman said she hesitated to report the night’s events at the time, because she had recently separated, was caring for her daughter and her parents had recently gone through cancer treatment. She couldn’t handle anything else negative in her life, she testified. 

Roy’s lawyer said the officer disputes the woman’s account and will present his version of events in greater detail as the trial continues this week. 

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