Charlie Pearcey, fixture of the Battery in St. John’s, dies at 82

In the heart of the Battery sits a bright red twine store overlooking the ocean and downtown St. John’s.

Inside the door sits four generations of Newfoundland and Labrador history.

Charlie Pearcey, who welcomed everyone and anyone into his twine loft, died Saturday at the age of 82.

“He really took pleasure in teaching people about our heritage, family and mostly about the Outer Battery and the ways of life back then,” said Pearcey’s grandson.

“He really took pride in being a Newfoundlander and most of all being a fisherman from the Battery.”

Charlie Pearcey spent his days at the twine store, which has become a museum of sorts over the years. 

“He kept everything from a needle to an anchor. Nothing was ever sold. Nothing was ever thrown away. If it was broken, he’d fix it,” Justin Pearcey. 

“One of my favourite objects inside there is my great-great-grandfather’s fishing reel. That’s from the 1800s.”

In 2014 Charlie Pearcey was designated a “tradition bearer” by the provincial historic commemorations program. 

He opened his door to Land & Sea and The National over the years and to anyone else who would come knocking. 

“A lot of times we’d have people from cruise ships.… They’d see the store and think it’s a convenience store and ask if anything was for sale but of course nothing was ever for sale,” Justin Pearcey said.

“He’d always welcome people in and try to teach them a little tiny bit of Newfoundland culture as they’re passing on their way. No one was ever turned away.”Hi grandson told The St. John’s Morning Show the family will carry on Pearcey’s legacy and continue to pass on his knowledge of St. John’s, the Battery and fishing. 

“He was much more than a grandfather to me,” Justin Pearcey said.

“He was my best friend.”

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