Buy a piece of history: U of S barns up for sale

You could own a piece of Saskatchewan history. Two historic University of Saskatchewan buildings are up for sale: the seed barn and the poultry science building.

Both were built in the early 1900s and have been sitting unused since the mid-’80s. 

The poultry science building is located next to the Rutherford Arena, which is slated for demolition to make room for an expansion on the engineering building. The seed barn was moved in 2013 to its current location at the corner of Preston Avenue and E Road, kitty-corner to 108th Street.

The university is reviewing all 495 of its buildings and has decided to sell these two, said Greg Fowler, U of S vice-president of finance and resources.

Potential buyers are already having a look at two historic barns on the University of Saskatchewan campus. (University of Saskatchewan)

“We do maintain our own heritage registry and we’ve had really good luck in terms of preserving many of our buildings — the Peter MacKinnon building for one and the original medical college building — but these two we just couldn’t find a purpose for,” Fowler told CBC’s Saskatoon Morning.

He said the seed barn was mostly used for storage but the poultry barn played an important role in the university’s history.

“We did a lot of our poultry research in the early 20th century and it was quite a significant building,” he said.

The University of Saskatchewan is scouting out interested buyers to purchase and relocate its historic Poultry Science Building and Seed Barn. We talk to the University’s Vice-President of Finance and Resources, Greg Fowler, about why the buildings have to go and what they’ll be replaced with. 5:54

The barns don’t have a price tag but some interested buyers have already toured the buildings, and the university is in the process of reviewing their submissions of interest.

The purchaser will also have to cover the cost of moving the buildings, which Fowler says will probably be used for agricultural purposes.

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