Blasting at Garson Mine cause of second seismic event, Vale says

A late-night rumble felt in Sudbury Friday night was the result of crown blasting, a spokesperson with Vale Canada said in a press release Saturday morning.

It was the second significant tremor in the region in two days.

“Last night at 9:45 pm a 3.0 Mn seismic event occurred on the 5200 level at Vale’s Garson Mine after a crown blast,” Danica Pagnutti, Vale’s corporate and Indigenous affairs specialist said. “The event was felt in the community and was recorded by Earthquake Canada. All employees were safely brought to surface.”

Pagnutti added the day shift at Garson Mine has been cancelled while workers conduct underground assessments. 

Earthquakes Canada confirmed that a seismic event also occurred in the Whitefish area of Greater Sudbury just after 3 a.m., April 23.

The 3.6 magnitude earthquake is also believed to have been triggered by mining activity.

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