B.C. election should be a test of premier’s trustworthiness, says Liberal Leader Wilkinson

Most years the leader of the opposition addresses hundreds of mayors and councillors at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention in a crowded hall.

This year it took place virtually — but one theme of B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson’s speech didn’t change from past years: the NDP aren’t to be trusted running the province.

“We did our best for the health of B.C., but we suddenly find that we’re sideswiped by John Horgan and the NDP,” said Wilkinson on day three of the province’s election campaign.

The Liberal leader attacked the NDP leader for the snap election, accusing him of delaying the economic recovery plan for political gain, calling it an “unethical power grab.” He says the election should be a referendum on whether people trust Horgan. 

“We’ve seen John Horgan basically mislead the public about why we’re having an election.” 

Horgan and Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau will make their traditional speeches to the UBCM convention tomorrow, which has been truncated from previous years due to both COVID-19 and the snap election which will be held Oct. 24.  

Wilkinson touched on several policy points in his speech to delegates — including crime, homelessness, the economy and the environment — but said the details of his party’s plan for British Columbians would be coming in the days ahead. 

“We’re going to present a plan for more people back to work,” he said, one that would “roll back the terrible toll of drug addiction” and “restore safety in our communities.” 

“There’s suddenly this street phenomenon of people who are out of control,” he said.

“Something bad is going on, and it’s got to be addressed by us as a society. It’s not a matter of saying, ‘Well, it’s somebody else’s fault, there’s nothing that can be done.’ ” 

The B.C. Liberal leader also said he would be releasing “very provocative” environmental policies in the coming days.  

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