B.C. boy crashes Jurassic World wrap party in T-Rex costume

A young fan of the Jurassic Park film franchise sporting a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume got to meet some of the cast and crew who have been filming the latest instalment of the movie series in his hometown of Merritt, B.C. 

Jurassic World: Dominion has been filming around British Columbia this winter

Starring alongside Bryce Dallas Howard in the film, actor Chris Pratt called the city of Kamloops “beautiful” during a video posted to Instagram at the end of February.  

Then there were reports of a casting call for townspeople, mill workers and fishermen in Merritt. 

T-Rex tours Merritt

Lynda Etchart said with filming of a dinosaur movie in town, she thought it would be fun for her son to dress up as a T-Rex and run around town.

So, 12-year-old Theo Chapman borrowed his cousin’s inflatable dinosaur costume and took to the streets.

“I was just wanting to make people laugh and have fun around town,” said Chapman. 

A few days later Etchart heard the cast and crew were having a wrap party downtown, so Chapman went out again in his prehistoric getup.

“My girlfriend owns the Grand Pub and Grill and she shared with me that they were doing their wind-down party, so we thought it might be a little fun just to kind of run around the perimeter of the pub and just knock on the windows and wave to the crew, but thankfully she invited him in to meet everybody,” said Etchart.

Etchart said her son met some of the cast and crew members, including director Colin Trevorrow.

“It was just a ton of fun, and they just all engaged and embraced the fun of it,” she said. 

Chapman even had a wrestling match with another T-Rex, a crew member who had dressed up for the party. 

“None of the other crew members knew that she had a costume so when she saw Theo walk in she thought, ‘Gee someone’s trying to steal my thunder,’ and unbeknownst to her she was fighting a 12-year-old boy,” said Etchart.

She said when the crew member found out “she just loved it, she gave him a great big hug.”   

The next day the crew member left her costume behind for Chapman at the pub so he could have a costume of his own. 

The movie is set for release on June 11, 2021.

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A 12-year-old Merritt boy got to meet the director of Jurassic World: Dominion thanks to a very unusual tactic – dressing up as a T-Rex. 5:41

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