A smoked candied salmon recipe? Sweet! 

If you’re into experimenting when smoking your food, this is one sweet recipe to try.

It’s a bit of a process but totally worth it.

Michelle Telep of Whitehorse shared it on CBC North’s Facebook recipe page.

First things first: you need to get your hands on some salmon. 

“The salmon that I got is from the Taku River Tlingit [First Nation] and Dawson City, Yukon,” Telep said in an interview with CBC Northwind host, Wanda McLeod.

Michelle Telep gets her salmon from the Taku River Tlingit First Nation and Dawson City, Yukon. (Philippe Morin)

You also need a way to smoke your fish. Some do it over a fire, some use smoker boxes, others do it in their ovens or on their stoves.

Telep used an appliance dedicated to smoking food for this recipe.

“The recipe calls for cherry or apple [wood] chips but I didn’t have any so I used alder,” she said.

Telep said it turned out really nice with a sweet, smoky flavour.

Here’s how she did it:

Mix a ½  gallon of water, a ½ cup of pickling salt, 2 cups dark brown sugar and 2 cup real maple syrup for the brine. 

Stir until the ingredients are dissolved.

Slice the salmon into ½  inch strips and soak it in the brine for 12 hours.

Mix together ¾ cup of honey with ¼ cup of water for basting.

Once the salmon is in the smoker, baste it every hour until it’s done.

Key tip: don’t over smoke or you’ll end up with jerky.

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