100 artists come together, while apart, to create pandemic-inspired piece for Nuit Blanche

Many people spent several months earlier this year isolating due to the pandemic.

But what if you were asked to capture what your time spent at home looked like?

That’s exactly what about 100 artists were asked to do.

Artbeat studio helps people living with mental illness use art as a pathway to healing.

This spring, they sent a box of art supplies to about 100 people living in central Winnipeg and asked them to create a pandemic inspired piece.

These piece form the basis for the Apart Together exhibit, which will be on display during Nuit Blanche this Saturday. 

Not only do the works act as individual time capsules, but together, the pieces create a shared experience of a troubled time.

The CBC’s Holly Caruk spoke to some of the artists involved. Watch below:

A Nuit Blanche exhibit shows what life has been like for 100 artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. 2:02

You can see the Apart Together exhibit at the Artbeat Studio at 4-62 Albert Street on Saturday evening, or see it virtually through their website at artbeatstudio.ca

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